What is “Responsible Tourism?”

At Sivadia, we are guided by the following principles for the way in which we conduct our tours:
  • Every tour destination is someone’s home.
  • To protect the environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes.
  • To respect local cultures – traditions, religions and built heritage.
  • To benefit local communities – both economically and socially.
  • To conserve natural resources – from office to destination.
  • To minimise pollution – through noise, waste disposal and congestion.
We encourage our customers to travel climate neutral, in this regard, they can offset the carbon emissions of their travel.

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What can I expect with Mountain Bike rides?

Mountain bike adventures require off road knobbly tyres with either tyre liners and or tubeless tyres. It is also recommended that tubes have a sealant.
The rides tend to be on:
  • District dirt roads.
  • Forest dirt roads.
  • Game viewing dirt roads.
  • 4 x 4 jeep track.
  • Singletrack.
  • Technical singletrack.

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What do the difficulties mean?

Kwa-Zulu Natal has a strong Zulu heritage, and in keeping with that theme, we have graded out tours using Zulu terms.

Kulula (ku-lu-laa) – Easy
Routes are suitable for: Novice cyclists.
Skills needed: Basic bike skills are required for this grade.
Trail and surface types: These will be relatively flat and wide. Trail surface may be loose, uneven or muddy at times. Might include short flowing single track style sections.
Gradients and technical trail features: Climbs and descents are mostly shallow, no challenging features.
Distances: The average daily distances are an easy paced 15 to 25 km.
Suggested fitness level: Suitable for most people in good health.

Pakathi (pa-kaa-ti) – Medium
Routes are suitable for: Intermediate cyclists with basic off road riding skills
Skills needed: Basic off road riding skills to cope with uneven surfaces and small obstacles.
Trail and surface types: As for kulula but may include longer and slightly more technical singletrack, may include small obstacles including roots and rocks.
Gradients and technical trail features: Most gradients are moderate but may include short steep sections. Includes small technical features (such as roots, rocks, small drop offs cambers and berms).
Distances: The average daily distances are a slightly faster paced 25 to 40 km.
Suggested fitness level: A good level of fitness will help.

Kulikhuni (ku-li-kuu-ni) – Hard
Routes are suitable for: Proficient mountain bikers with good off road skills.
Skills needed: Good off road skills and techniques to cope with technical trail features.
Trail and surface types: Steeper and tougher, long technical single track with larger obstacles. Expect very variable surface types.
Gradients and technical trail features: A wide range of climbs and descents of a challenging nature. Expect berms, large rocks, medium drop offs cambers and water crossings.
Distances: The average daily distances are more challenging and vary between 40 to 65 km.
Suggested fitness level: A higher level of fitness and stamina required.

Kulikhuni kakulu (ku-li-kuu-ni ka-ku-luu) – Extreme
Routes are suitable for: Expert mountain bikers used to physically demanding routes.
Skills needed: Advanced level off road skills and technical ability.
Trail and surface types: As for kulikhuni but with greater challenge and continuous difficulty. Can include any useable trail. May include riding along cliff edges.
Gradients and technical trail features: Expect large, committing and unavoidable technical features. Sections will be challenging and variable.
Distances: The average daily distances are a very challenging 65 to 100 km.
Suggested fitness level: suitable for very active people used to prolonged effort.

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I don’t have my own bike, or am unable to transport it, can I hire one?

Of course you may, but please give us advanced warning when you book your tour so that we can make the necessary arrangements. There is an additional cost incurred, which you will be advised of when you book.

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Are you a registered Tour Operator?

Yes. Sivadia (Pty.) Ltd is a registered Tour Operator, and both David and Deidre are registered Tour Guides, with Tourism Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal.
David Simpson: David KZN 1293
Deidre Simpson: Deidre KZN 1294

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What facilities do you have in case of an injury?

We aim to provide tours that are pleasurable and safe, but in the event of an accident, David, Deidre and Matambo, are all trained as Level 1 First Aid Providers by HOPE Medical Rescue, who are registered with the Department of Labour.
In the event of a serious emergency we have SATIB on standby, who will have you transported to the nearest best facility according to the emergency and by the best method possible.

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